What is MyDatos?

MyDatos' mission is to provide a custom web-based solution that is customized for your unique business practice and requirements. We make the software work for you, not the other way around.

MyDatos provides custom web-based quoting, invoicing and manufacturing workflow management solutions for small business in different industries. MyDatos custom web-based solutions improve productivity and streamline business process tailored for each individual business. Most importantly, our solution fits your need 100% and is easy to use.

Featured Highlights

  •  Intuitive graphical dashboard for activities summary and reporting
  •  Easily create, manage, send quotes and invoices
  •  Online payment integration
  •  Easily track manufacturing workflow status
  •  Customer can easily track the order manufacturing status
  •  LDAP integration with internal IT user/group setup
  •  Integration with existing accounting system
Why MyDatos Solution Works

Small businesses want a solution that works for them 100% out of the box. They only want to pay for the functions they need. Adopting and integrating business application from big firms like SAP, Oracle and Intuit are very complicated and costly. You often need to change your business practice to adapt the software and pay at least 70% more for the features that you do not need. If there are more custom features needed, it can even cost extra tens of thousand dollars. This is something small business cannot afford. Instead, MyDatos builds a solution that is customized for your needs.

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